Although BPS does like Petrol Tuning, BPS also specialise in Diesel Tuning.  With the investment of specific diesel tuning software we can now tune most common rail diesels Like Brand New Toyota Hilux, Volkswagen Amarok (yes, the V6) and Ford Ranger just to name a few, suited to your needs. Whether it’s for hauling up the beach or towing your caravan around the country.

On top of diesel tuning, BPS also offer 4×4 Packages. With the chance to supply and install quality Exhaust systems, Intercooler Kits, Suspension Lift Kits, Snorkels, Filters and Other equipment.

Bps have also invested in software and other products for Modern Diesel Particulate Filters, potentially saving you $1000’s in repairs.

Bps is proud to announce that they are Master Tuners, meaning all Tunes are written on site at BPS by James and tested on our dyno, none of this reading files in the car park and sending overseas. Which saves you time and money, but also guarantees its tuned to handle Queensland conditions!

About BPS Tuning

BPS is using proven tuning software including Cobb Pro-Tuner, Haltech, HPTuners, VCM Suite, SCT Advantage, EVC Win OLS and of course FRC. BPS is capable of quality tuning for an incredible wide array of vehicles, both old and new.

From Lamborghinis in Tasmania, Ferraris in Kuala Lumpur and Porsches in Singapore to 1000HP Holden twin turbo V8s and everything in between, BPS has years of valuable experience with thousands of vehicles of varying power.

Customers don’t need to drive high-powered or luxury vehicles to receive excellent service from BPS. Among its catalogue of hi-tech equipment, BPS now has all of the latest tools in order to effectively tune the new Siemens and Bosch TriCore tuner protected ECUs found in today’s modern cars.

We have detailed just some of the many marques we tune, however please contact us if you have a vehicle that is not listed. Many “tuning websites” now days just have a generic vehicle list with every model known to man listed. BPS have been established a long time and we still sell the same product as that we started with 16 years ago as it works! All tuning files written on site by a professional seasoned tuner with many years of seat time in the dyno.

More economy, more power and increased torque – it’s all in the code.

We offer the complete service with before and after sheet of your actual cars results.

We have dealers in QLD, NSW, VIC & SA